Sorry, Nothing Personal

I read the latest posting by TDM about Najib in great perplexity. You can read his post at
Although he said it is nothing personal, but when I read the opening, it sounds very much like TDM still believes that he has the prerogative right to determine who to be or not to be the PM of Malaysia.
If it is nothing personal, then why should he start his vicious and unscrupulous attack on Najib and trying to bring him down before his term is due? Why couldn’t he wait for the next general election for the rakyat to decide. It is indeed personal because he is ignoring the fact that there are close to 18 millions voters out there who have the same equal right as him to decide who is fit to be the PM.
I also personally do not believe that Azmin is fit to be MB of Selangor, but would I call for him to step down what more to start vicious attack to bring him down and then say that it is nothing personal?
Bare in mind that Najib inherits a government that is literally decapitated by the doings of the past PMs, be it yourself or Pak Lah. Racial relation is already not good since the time of Hindraf and what we have experienced today is basically the build up result of the already torn relation. The doings of past PMs have allowed DAP to gain its momentum and the Chinese of today is no longer like the Chinese of your day where they happily enjoy the cuts to shut them up. They have tasted political blood and today, all they want is the blood of UMNO, to end the dominance of UMNO and BN, for good or for bad, asalkan bukan UMNO.
Najib also lived in trying time where the world economy is not in good shape. We are no longer net exporter of petrol as your days, price of oil is low. The price of commodities are low. There are stiff competitions from new economy in the region. What is worse is that Najib inherits the problems which you have created. During your tenure, you introduced tolled highway and you keep on increasing the toll every now and then. Today, people blame high toll to Najib, whereas the high toll is nothing but all your doing. In fact, the toll has not increased since the time Najib took office. He basically has to solve the problem which you have created and you blame him for not being competent. Then come the IPP which no one will dispute that it was all your own doing and Najib again has to take the blame and trying to solve the high electricity problem paid by consumer as a result of your work. In fact, during the tenure of Najib, it was for the first time that the electric tariff has gone down. So, Najib got all the blames trying to solve the problems you created and now you call him incompetent. In fact, I would blame today high property price to your own doing. During the economic downturn, rather than letting the market force to realign the market, you introduced policy that circumvent the market force which given birth to our local speculative property market. Owning house became too easy that everyone started to buy house to resale it at inflated price to make a quick profit. Today, we are at the peak of the bubble of the speculative property market which you partly created.
Najib also lead in challenging time where the social media has dominated public perception. In your time you can squander billions in forex fraud, BMF scandal, Perwaja, MISC, PKFZ where nobody knows because you have full control of what the people read, see or listen in the media. Today, you can spend 1 million of your own hard earn money and the media (or social media) can spin in such a way that you have squander billions. Although you may say whatever you want to say about 1MDB, at least there are still responses from the authority to clear the air, correct whatever misinformation, spins or lies about it. At least all the documents and audits about 1MDB is publicly available, there are PAC to provide check and balance (although it seems like the PAC is more interested in using its authority for the members political gain). In your time no one knows anything, no response was given and all we know later was billions have been lost and worse, until today no one seems to be accountable for anything. If there is true sense of money disappear, it was all those money that was lost during your time. At least those money from 1MDB which you claimed has disappear can be accounted in 1MDB audited documents.
I think that is enough. In conclusion, although you say it is not personal, but I believe it is all personal. It is what you believe that you are the person who decide who, what and how Malaysia should be governed. It is basically boiled down to what you personally like, dislike, believe it is right or wrong. If it doesn’t fit to your personal like, you would personally trying to remove him from office. Sorry, nothing personal.

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