Review on Syed Saddiq HARDtalk on BBC

Syed Saddiq has finally joined the “FEW” Malaysians in BBC HARDtalk. Here is my review about his session. Among the issues discussed during the talk include Voting age, education and youth unemployment , Mahathir and his ability to reform, minority issues particularly his aide being a gay advocate, sedition act and the recent issue with Israel and swimming competition.

First, as an orator and debater, we have to applaud him for his confident and conduct on the show. He did pretty well from the oratory point of view judging by his age and experience.

Second, most of the issues are not challenging and controversial. There is no right or wrong answer. So you end up hearing a lot of bla bla bla from Saddiq (what he is good at). You can call it idealism but some may opt for rhetoric. For instance, issue like voting age, education and youth unemployment , Mahathir ability to reform and sedition act, all we hear is New Government will, New Government will, New Government will, or Mahathir will, Mahathir will, Mahathir will. But whether they actually will or true is a big question. Judging by the performance of the current government after 9 months and the path they are going through, we really doubt that. Point like empowering vocational studies to counter youth unemployment and updating university courses are nothing new. They have been understood and implemented long ago. His idea about lowering the voting age is also nothing new and highly debatable about the actual benefit and outcome. His solution to sedition acts seems to be over the top without a clear execution plan on how it will be achieved. His points and answers are very opinionated hence not worth to be taken seriously.

The only controversial issue he had to deal with is regarding his aide, Nurman who is a gay advocate. When pressed, Saddiq admitted that he did offer him a position. Well, I thought he denied it earlier. ( He even has the cheek to ask the host to as Nurman himself. What a poor way to divert from an issue which he was directly involve. Regarding the Israel and the swimming competition he spoke frankly about the decision of Malaysia government. But then, there is nothing spectacular about his arguments because anyone with a bit of gut can bombard on Israel atrocities against humanity. You don’t need someone like Saddiq to tell the world about what Israel has done and what is the right thing to do against Israel. So again, there is nothing new.


Syed Saddiq is indeed a talented orator. But in order for him to progress, he has to move out of his idealism and rhetoric and start to make things happen. The time as debating champion where you just give ideal thought without a clear execution plan is over. The time as opposition where you can promise rhetoric without knowing how it can be implemented is also over. You are actually the person sitting on the chair to make things happen and we want to see how you make them happen.

This is nowhere near HARDTalk. The issues are opinionated hence the answers. So, it is not to be taken seriously. I wish the host has more information about how the current government trampled over their own manifesto and spit on their promises to counter Saddiq argument and see what he has to answer. A simple question like how they expect the reform when they violated their very own manifesto in appointing the AG will be a good starting point. He can also question Saddiq about the dropping of Lim Guan Eng corruption case without clear reason and how we can expect new Malaysia to be better when corruption case can be swept under the carpet because of your political alliances. So Syed Saddiq, you may be the FEW Malaysians on BBC HARDTalk, but then the talk itself is nothing hard.

If Ahmadiah is Not Muslim, then

This is the most interesting news. According to Menteri
“Fatwa yang sudah digazetkan dan dipinda menyatakan dengan jelas golongan Ahmadiyah sudah keluar daripada agama Islam dan bukan lagi dalam lingkungan agama Islam,” katanya merujuk keputusan Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan yang digazetkan pada 1992 serta dipinda pada 2000.
Justeru, jelas Mujahid, bidang kuasa Mahkamah Syariah mengikut Jadual 9 Perlembagaan Persekutuan hanya terhad untuk orang Islam sahaja.
“Atas sebab mereka bukan Islam, maka sebab itulah fahaman saya ke atas keputusan itu, maka sudah tentu Mahkamah Syariah tidak ada hak ke atas mereka,” katanya kepada dipetik sebagai berkata.
If Ahmadiah is considered as non-Muslim (bukan Islam), here are few questions that arise.
1. Are they still considered as Malay? Because according to constitution Malay must be Muslim.
2. Shoud JPN remove Islam from the IC coz they are no more Muslim
3. If they want to get marry, are they going to register their marriage like the non-Muslim in JPN? What if the Ahmadiah wants to marry a sunni Muslim. Are we going to allow it?
4. If a person is a Muslim by birth and he declares that he is an Ahmadiah, does that mean he become an apostate? What about the syariah law about apostasy?
These are just some pertinent questions which we are interested to know.

Menteri: Jangan salah faham keputusan mahkamah kes pengikut Ahmadiyah

Diterbitkan  |  Dikemaskini

Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Dr Mujahid Yusuf menggesa orang ramai tidak salah faham keputusan mahkamah yang berpihak kepada pengikut ajaran Ahmadiyah.

Mujahid, yang dipetik FMT, berkata demikian sebagai merujuk Keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi Shah Alam, semalam yang memutuskan Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (Jais) tidak berhak menghalang dan mengambil tindakan ke atas pengikut Ahmadiyah.

“Soalan paling utama dikeluarkan oleh mahkamah ialah sama ada Jais ada kuasa atau tidak untuk ambil tindakan kepada golongan Ahmadiyah.

“Fatwa yang sudah digazetkan dan dipinda menyatakan dengan jelas golongan Ahmadiyah sudah keluar daripada agama Islam dan bukan lagi dalam lingkungan agama Islam,” katanya merujuk keputusan Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan yang digazetkan pada 1992 serta dipinda pada 2000.

Justeru, jelas Mujahid, bidang kuasa Mahkamah Syariah mengikut Jadual 9 Perlembagaan Persekutuan hanya terhad untuk orang Islam sahaja.

“Atas sebab mereka bukan Islam, maka sebab itulah fahaman saya ke atas keputusan itu, maka sudah tentu Mahkamah Syariah tidak ada hak ke atas mereka,” katanya kepada dipetik sebagai berkata.

Dalam laporan itu, Mujahid turut menegaskan keputusan mahkamah itu tidak bererti beliau bersetuju dengan pengikut ajaran berkenaan, namun tambahnya, beliau bercakap atas dasar undang-undang.

Mujahid turut mengingatkan orang ramai agar tidak membandingkan ajaran Islam dengan ajaran Ahmadiyah yang sudah difatwakan sesat.

“Masyarakat perlu jelas, Ahmadiah bukan Islam. Mereka bukan beragama Islam. Tidak perlu terpengaruh, walaupun namanya Ahmadiah. Nama itu biarkan dia,” katanya.

Hakim Vazeer Alam Mydin semalam memutuskan pengikut Ahmadiyah boleh meneruskan aktiviti mereka di Selangor.

Keputusan itu adalah berhubung permohonan semakan kehakiman yang difailkan oleh 39 pengikut ajaran Ahmadiyah susulan serbuan Jais pada 11 April 2014 terhadap sebuah unit rumah kedai di Taman Perindustrian Dolomite, Batu Caves yang dijadikan markas jemaah terbabit.

Ajaran Ahmadiyah diasaskan Mirza Ghulam Ahmad pada 1889 di India dan telah difatwakan ‘sesat’ oleh pihak berkuasa agama negeri Selangor pada 1998.

My Post GE14 Wish List – Version 2

Ok fine, I concede that BN lost and none of the prediction came true. I have written about my 10 post GE wish list and fair enough that I don’t get to see any of my wish come true. BTW I once wished to marry Siti Nurhaliza, but it did not happen. So what? Wish remains wish. If it has to be fulfilled, then it is no longer called a wish. In fact, with the victory of PH in GE14, it is getting even more interesting. I have many wishes if PH won the GE14 but of course I am too shy to write it down because I never thought they would win the GE. But against all odd, it happened. So now, I can happily jot them down because I believe our esteemed new government can certainly fulfil my wishes.

  1. I wish I no longer have to pay the 6% GST. How nice the life in Malaysia where more than 170 countries have GST and we don’t.
  2. Petrol will be capped at RM 1.50. I no longer have to worry about the high price of petrol, neither do I have to check the floating value of petrol price on every Wednesday. I have so long dreamt to use a 3.0 SUV but always afraid of the high petrol consumption. I guess my dream will come true.
  3. Did I tell you that I wish there is no toll on our roads? With the cheap petrol price, I can drive anywhere I want without the worry of having to pay hefty toll.
  4. Cost of living will become so low. Ikan kembung will be RM5 per KG. With RM 50, I can fill the entire shopping cart in Tesco and still have some change. With my salary of RM 3000 per month, I can eat out, shopping at mall every weekend and watch every new blockbuster release in cineplex without having to worry about my expenses. Not to forget to keep my iPhone trendy on every new release.
  5. RM 3000 is just a starting pay for a fresh graduate like me and I still don’t have to pay my 30k PTPTN loan. Although I wish they completely write off my loan, they told me that I only need to pay when I earn more than 4000 a month. Screw it. Who wants to earn RM 4000 and pay the loan when I can live like a king with RM 3000?
  6. I also wish to buy my dream home. I guess my wish will finally come true. There are so many affordable housing that I no longer need to rent. BTW, who cares about bumi discount when the price of the house is dirty cheap?
  7. I can finally plan my oversea vacation. Why not? I wish Ringgit will be very strong very soon. I know to expect 1 to 1 conversion to USD is a bit overestimate. But nothing wrong to wish for least at RM 2 to 1 USD. With such a strong currency and not to forget the ultra-cheap petrol and cost of living, where is better to spend my past time if not on oversea vacation.
  8. Finally I wish I can drive my 3.0 SUV using highway without toll to Penang Island via an undersea tunnel.

Final note: Remember, wish remains wish. If it has to be fulfilled, it is no longer call wish.

The Three Predictions – Updated

As general election closing in, we have so far encountered 3 predictions. Let us just wait and see which prediction will come close.

1. Invoke

2. The Thirdforce

3. Pro-Umno group reported by Ab Jalil Backer


When it comes to prediction, it is always worth mentioning the prediction of Daim. He has previously proven to have quite accurate prediction of GE result, like when he predicted that BN will lose 5 states in GE12 and BN will lose popular vote in GE13. For GE14, here is what he said


The veteran politician said PH will be able to retain Penang and Selangor, but could also take Perak and Kedah if the Opposition pact can fulfill certain conditions. There is also a 50:50 chance of it winning Johor and Sabah, Daim said.


My 10 Post General Election 14 Wish List

The 2018 GE is touted as the mother of all elections, but are we believing that this is going to be a do or die political battle between BN and PH? I really doubt this would happen. In fact more and more signs are pointing to the onslaught of the opposition due to them taking the voters for a ride with their shameless lies, inconsistency and hypocrisy. For me, GE14 is not just about political battle between BN and PH. It is more about time for karma to punish the arrogant, hypocrite politicians from the opposition for all the stupid deeds they have shoveled to our political scene.

I hope the onslaught will happen and here are my 10 wish list for the aftermath of this upcoming GE14 result.

1. Pakatan Harapan regrets for letting an insane, power obsessed old man to hijack the entire coalition for his personal vendetta.

It seems like this entire GE14 is all about Mahathir vs his vendetta.  DAP and PH just sit and watch this grumpy old man calling shot and taking the entire PH as a tool for his own personal agenda. Everyday we listen to him making ridiculous comments, hauling racist remarks and making statements which will alienate certain segments of Malaysia population from PH. Most of his actions are creating more damage than good for PH. Yet everyone just sit there and do nothing. I wish the onslaught of PH will give the entire PH leadership a lesson. Never sell your soul to an evil old man with a vengeance. Worse is to sell your soul to a devil you once knew.

2. Mahathir to be buried for good

Mahathir is already a pariah among UMNO and the fence sitter Malays. The Chinese, Indian and the Malay on the Pakatan side bitterly pretend that they are fine with him and giving all sorts of lame excuses on why Mahathir needs to be loved. With the onslaught of PH, all the fake love for him will diminish overnight. He will again become a pariah and probably a worse pariah  among the opposition pack as they will put the blame on him and he will be of no more use to them anymore. With the whole world loathing him, we hope he can finally accept the fact that his time in politic is over. Better spare what every face left and retire for good.

3. Lim Kit Siang

Lim Kit Siang is the mastermind behind the PH adopting Mahathir as their top dog. Right now he is like PH untouchable naked emperor. Everybody just watch his dangling ugly fruit but no one dare to tell the truth. May be it is the time they are brave enough to tell the emperor to finally put on his cloth. Anyway, it is not like a 77 year naked old man any pretty sight to see.

4. DAP onslaught of MCA in Johor

Dap seems to have a lot of confident. They believe the Chinese will vote them come hell or high water. Instead of banking on their safe seats, they move their generals (who are not align to the Lims) to pit on MCA strongholds. It is like sending them for a suicide mission. Many of their generals reluctantly accepted the challenge because the consequence of challenging the Emperor is worse. But I wish they will lose and then blame the Emperor selfish attempt of using them as pawn for his deadly game. I also hope that this will trigger an internal revolt and finally tells the emperor and his son not to treat DAP like their family party.

5. Lim Guan Eng

He is the most arrogant and yet incompetent politician ever exist in this country. The arrogance of Lim Guan Eng and the manner he is behaving is indeed mind boggling. He literally runs down everything and everyone that goes against him including his own people. He basically makes everybody his enemy unless they are prepare kowtow to him and worship him like a tokong (figuratively). He lives by the false propaganda created by his machinery to give him the “godly” status. In reality, statistics and past events have proven how lame he is and how much he has failed to live by what ever CAT or MOUSE he tried to preach. Even the acts of God like the big flood and the deadly landslide are quickly forgotten and they are quick to go back to worship their false “god”. They only way that a wake up call can be sent to his foolish supporters is the onslaught of PH in Penang.

6. DAP People

When I say DAP People I mean their politicians and supporters. They are the most annoying, hypocrite and pretentious people you would find on earth. They way they speak is like they are some noble human from high order sent to save mankind. They love thumping their chest to claim that they are the people of truth, moral and integrity. But in reality they are just one foul mouth pretentious hypocrite who use hate, lies and misinformation to poison the mind of their supporters in order to win vote. People like Hannah Yeoh and Tony Pua are the typical examples of the fake people DAP produces. One make a video thumping her chest condemning 1MDB, but refused to attend the briefing session by Arul about 1MDB when she was invited, the other was in PAC to investigate 1MDB, but failed to prove anything and yet he came out in public to claim that 1MDB is the mother of all scandals. I really have nausea when I look at their pretentious face. I just hope that the onslaught will teach them a lesson to stop all their holier than thou fakeness.

7. Parti Cap Bunga

They are the most dumb and stubborn and yet annoying people you would find on earth. For them Mahathir is everything and anything else does not matter. You simply cannot argue or rationale with them because they are not there for truth. Malay say, “dia punya bodoh tak boleh diajar, dia punya pandai tak boleh belajar”. There is no better punishment for dumb people except to be punish by their own stupidity.

8. Amanah

There is enough evidence that Amanah is the creation of DAP and creating Amanah is one of DAP biggest mistake. Amanah would probably get wiped out along with the PH. But most importantly, the disastrous result for Amanah will be a lesson to those who believe Amanah can replace Pas. This will also be a lesson to tell us that DAP do not understand the Malay psyche. This is because DAP is a Chinese party, lead by Chinese and only think Chinese. They don’t understand the fabric of other races but pretend like they are a multi-racial color blind political party.

9. Syed Saddiq

He is one of the most annoying youth in politic. Inexperience, empty vessel but loves to speak with a big mouth. Does he really believe his social network presence and his school boy debate championship gave him the right to write open letters to royalties to tell them the do and don’t? Where ever he is contesting, just bury him and tell him to go back, get a job, get married, have babies before you come to teach adult how to live their life.

10. Rafizi and his Invoke

I spare Rafizi for the last. He is not contesting and going to jail anyway. But my wish is to see his Invoke proven wrong. Time and again have shown us how he blundered, but he kept coming with more blunders, half-baked exposes and shallow analysis. But surprisingly his supporters seem to never have enough of him. He can tell them that Tabung Haji will go bankrupt and his supporters will withdraw money from Tabung Haji in droves. Worse is that Rafizi himself did not withdraw his money from Tabung Haji and enjoyed lucrative dividend declared by Tabung Haji while his believers lose their dividend and their chance to perform haj. But strangely, this is not enough to tell his blind supporters how incompetent and lame this Rafizi is. So Invoke is his last straw. His invoke has been making all sorts of predictions. Having Invoke proven wrong will be the final seal of proof of his incompetency and shallow work, before he is retired for good. We hope this will at least tell the others who have some brain to spare to not to trust this Rafizi again.

Update: This is Invoke prediction published in Malaysiakini on 7 May 2018. Do you want to laugh or cry?


So, these are my 10 wish list for the aftermath of GE14. Lets wait and see how many will eventually materialized.

The False Expectation of “Brain Drainer”

For one thing, I don’t believe Malaysia is suffering from any serious brain drain. Brain drain is nothing but a delusion by a quarter of Malaysians living oversea to give them a sense of importance to the country despite choosing a “greener” grass abroad. It is also a form of false perception created by the oppositions and hatters to give justification on why the government must listen to them, otherwise they will leave and their departure will seriously hurt Malaysia.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not against Malaysian working or moving oversea. I myself have been an expat and living oversea for more than 10 years. I am only against people who try to paint the perception that Malaysia is suffering from brain drain because people like us choose to work oversea. Worse is to believe that just because you have worked or lived oversea, Malaysian would have to drop to their knee and beg you for your service and guidance.

Malaysia is a competitive and vibrant market where there is abundance of talents to offer. I, for once never consider myself any better than other Malaysians who stay and work at home. I also believe that whatever I have done oversea, there are many other Malaysians who can do at least at par, if not better than what I can do. If I would ever come home, I would expect myself to be another nobody who will compete equally with other Malaysian. If I would ever be heard, it would be because of what I can offer, not because I am some kind of brain from oversea that everyone must listen to. If I would ever to make it, it would be because of my skills and capability, not because of my oversea work experience that I am bound to succeed.

Nevertheless, what I know for sure is that 99.99% of Malaysian working or living oversea, they return to Malaysia simply because it is time for them to return. Not because they are attracted by some perks offer by some government agencies.


Jurutera Berbakat Ambil Keputusan Berhijrah Selepas Kemahiran Dan Kebolehan Beliau Dipandang Sepi

Dia adalah sahabat aku sejak dibangku sekolah. Kami berpisah bila dia memasuki Maktab Tentera Diraja (RMC) sebelum berlepas ke Australia untuk mendapatkan Bachelor, Master dan seterusnya PhD.

Ketika usianya baru 33 tahun, Muiz Murad telah pun memiliki PhD dalam Mechanical Engineering (pengkhususan dalam fluid dynamics dan aero acoustics) dari University of Swinburne, Melbourne.

Beliau kemudian menetap di negara kanggaroo itu kerana terpilih untuk bekerja di sana kerana tetapi jauh di lubuk hatinya, beliau ingin kembali untuk menabur bakti pada Malaysia, tanah tumpah darahnya.

Disebabkan berpegang teguh kepada cita-citanya itu, Muiz telah melepaskan jawatan dan gaji yang cukup tinggi di sana untuk kembali ke tanah air.

Namun selepas 7 tahun kembali ke tanah air, beliau terpaksa berhadapan dengan 1,001 kerenah yang tak pernah beliau sangka sewaktu mengambil keputusan untuk meninggalkan Australia dulu.

Kini, di tanah air sendiri, dia telah ditipu, dinafikan kemahiran dan kebolehannya, dipandang sepi oleh pihak bank dan pelbagai lagi hingga beliau merasakan sudah tiba masanya untuk beliau kembali semula ke tempat di mana tenaga muda yang berkebolehan sepertinya dihargai dan diiktiraf setimpal dengan ilmu yang beliau miliki.

Aku percaya, bukan Dr. Muiz seorang yang terpaksa menempuh kesukaran sebegini.

Sayang sekali, di saat kita berusaha bersungguh-sungguh untuk membawa balik tenaga pakar dan profesional dari luar negara seperti beliau, nampaknya kita jugalah yang MEMUSNAHKAN IMPIAN, ILTIZAM DAN PENGORBANAN mereka.

Ini bukan cerita politik. Ini bukan cerita seorang pemuda yang bencikan negara atau pemerintahnya.

Ini kisah seorang pemuda yang mahu menabur bakti pada agama, bangsa dan negaranya berlandaskan kemahiran dan pemikiran aras tinggi yang dia miliki setelah lebih 10 tahun berjuang untuk mendapatkan ilmu di negara orang.

Di mana silapnya?

Perbezaan antara MP dan “Cybertrooper”


Rafizi Ramli, Ahli Parlimen bergaji 13 ribu

Rafizi Ramli, Ahli Parlimen bergaji 13 ribu

Mari kita lihat kecerdikan seorang ahli parlimen, Rafizi Ramli yang dibayar 13 ribu sebulan dengan WANG RAKYAT berbanding dengan apa yang beliau selalu kata (cybertrooper yang saya yakin tidak dibayar oleh sesiapa pun).

Menurut Rafizi dalam blog post beliau, “Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak menaikkan bayaran BR1M daripada RM1,200 (penerima e-Kasih atau pendapatan isirumah bawah RM1,200), RM1,000 (orang tua), RM900 (pendapatan isirumah antara RM3,000 dan RM4,000) atau RM450 (orang bujang berpendapatan bawah RM2,000) kepada RM40,000 setiap penerima BR1M” supaya mereka boleh membeli Proton Iriz untuk menjadi menjadi pemandu Uber atau Grabcar.

Kemudian dakwa Rafizi Ramli lagi, “Jika BR1M diberikan pada kadar sekarang (antara RM450 hingga RM1,200 sahaja), penerima BR1M hanya mampu membayar ansuran bulanan sebanyak maksimum dua bulan sahaja. Mereka hanya sempat menjadi pemandu Uber dan Grabcar selama 2 bulan sahaja.

Begitulah logik serta kecerdikan seorang yang bergelar ahli parlimen yang dibayar gaji 13 ribu dengan WANG RAKYAT membuat kira-kira.

Proton Iriz

Proton Iriz

Mari pula kita lihat kira-kira seorang “cybertrooper” bernama Raziz Rashid (credit to him) yang saya yakin tidak dibayar oleh sesiapa pun.


Guna BR1M untuk beli Proton IRIZ 1.3 MT untuk meniaga UBER X secara separuh masa (53 jam seminggu).


Harga Proton IRIZ 1.3 MT= RM41,520.00
BR1M Fasa 1 = RM300.00 (minima)

Rebat Kerajaan = RM4,000.00
Gunakan BR1M dan Rebat Kerajaan untuk deposit 10% harga kereta = RM4,300.00
Faedah Bank = 4.0% (maksimum)
Tempoh Pinjaman = 108 bulan (9 tahun)
Bayaran Bulanan = RM468.70 *rujuk jadual di bawah*
Purata pendapatan bulanan UBER X secara separuh masa= RM3,232.00 *rujuk jadual di bawah*
Petrol Proton Iriz 1.3 MT= 6.6L/100km
Purata perjalanan untuk sebulan = 25 km/jam x 53 jam = 1,325km x 4 minggu = 5,300km sebulan
Penggunaan Petrol = 6.6L/100km x 5,300km = 349.8L/bulan
Bayaran Penggunaan Petrol = 349.8L/bulan x RM2.10 = RM734.58/bulan
Servis Kereta setiap 10,000km = RM20.00 (oil filter) + RM 125.00 (minyak enjin) = RM135.00
Lain-lain perbelanjaan = RM200.00
Untung bersih = RM3,232.00 – RM468.70 – RM734.58 – RM135.00 -RM200.00 = RM1693.72
Penambahan pendapatan sebulan dengan berniaga UBER X secara separuh masa (53 jam seminggu) adalah: RM1,693.72

Bandingkan saja standard seorang ahli parlimen bergaji 13 ribu yang dibayar dengan WANG RAKYAT, yang berkelulusan luar negara (dengan biasiswa dari WANG RAKYAT) dan pernah menjadi ahli korporat sampai ke tahap pengurus kanan, pengurus besar dan ketua eksekutif pejabat penasihat ekonomi Selangor dengan seorang yang beliau sering dakwa sebagai “cybertrooper”. Seorang ahli parlimen yang berkelulusan luar negara dengan pengalaman sedemikan membuat kira-kira yang begitu simplisitik yang mana budak darjah 6 pun tau ia tak logik dan langsung tak mengambil kira banyak perkara. Yang herannya masih ramai dok percaya.

Hanya orang yang standard macam ahli parlilmen tu boleh percaya apa yang ditulis dan didakwa beliau. Adakah kita nak letakkan negara kita dibawah oang yang akalnya tahap demikian? Tidak hairan mengapa Rafizi asyik kena malu dan kalah saman aje sebab semua benda dia buat separuh masak.