Tertipu Di Dunia Lebih Baik Dari Tertipu Di Akhirat

Being cheated in this world is better than being cheated in the hereafter. That is basically the literal translation of the title.

Needless to say, Malaysia Bankruptcy Day that didn’t happen. Do we need to be economist to tell that? I consider this as one of the biggest blunders in the blog world by a person who believes he belongs to the smartest elite while others who do not subscribe to his believe as “dungu” and “moron”.

It is an open secret that he is one of the most ardent anti-hadith in Malaysia. He is the beacon of reference by anti-Hadith in Malaysia, fooling unsuspecting and ignorant readers about his so call “advanced” Islamic ideology. As we and many have said again and again, he is a crook with crooked understanding of Islam and religion. Just as his prediction about Malaysia Bankruptcy has become the biggest blunder, do we really believe that his so call Quranist ideology will not be another blunder?

When he claimed that Malaysia will be bankrupt by 11 July, anyone with little understanding of economy already LMAO. What about all his claimed that the hadiths which have been believed by billions of Muslim for more than 1400 are nothing but fairy tale?

The only difference is if you believe in his economy theory, you may get cheated in this world. But if you believe in his religious theory, by the time you realize it, it may be too late. Let me quote from Quran in retrospect to his liking to quote from Quran as well.

When those who have been followed disassociate themselves from those who followed [them], and they [all] see the punishment, and cut off from them are the ties

Those who followed will say, “If only we had another turn [at worldly life] so we could disassociate ourselves from them as they have disassociated themselves from us.” Thus will Allah show them their deeds as regrets upon them. And they are never to emerge from the Fire.

[Al-Baqarah 166-167]

By the way, didn’t he said “…those who trolled him misunderstood his blog posting. it was merely a reminder of what could happen if 1MDB lost the case in LCIA.”

You Get Unlike for Telling Something Obvious

Recently, a blogger by the name of JebatMustDie posted an article about the “duit derma”. After the ABC expose, he seems to be so shocked that the amount is not 2.6 billion, but 4.2 billion (according to today standard).

So, all I did is to post the following comment in his post.



“The funny thing is that someone just realized it. It has long been told.


“The donation from the Middle East was actually US$1 billion. That has already been revealed so no one is trying to hide that fact. But then the ANC kept saying it was US$700 million because they wanted that figure to match a transaction that 1MDB made. If the ANC says the figure is US$1 billion then they cannot explain how come the 1MDB transaction was only US$700 million. Where did the additional US$300 million come from?

So they kept playing up the story of the RM2.6 billion so that it comes to the equivalent of US$700 million. And Najib knew why they were saying it is US$700 million and not US$1 billion. And Najib, being the smart chess player that he is, kept quiet and did not correct them because he knew that sooner or later they would have to change their story and say it was US$1 billion. And when they do that, like how Sarawak Report just did, they would be hard-pressed to explain how the US$1 billion could come from 1MDB when you say that Najib stole US$700 million from 1MDB.”

So the expose is merely confirming 2 things.
1. The money is not from 1MDB. So guess who is lying now.
2. The 2.6 billion is a wrong figure played up to implicate Najib with 1MDB.

Well I won’t argue further. As I always say, haters will continue to hate. But if you have a grain in believing in the hereafter and believe that everyone will be judge equally by our Lord, then you just have to ask yourself, deep in your heart. What is going on.


I thought my comment is simple and straightforward enough. It doesn’t contradict the new report. It is basically confirming what the news report is all about. But guess what,


I have 0 like and 8 dislikes. What I have done wrong here, I don’t know. I guess, next time I have to join the bandwagon to criticize Najib, no matter how ridiculous or stupid the accusation is. Then I will get a lot of like, as someone told one of your prominent blogger,

“If you really want online traffic, just go out there and whack the government or Najib at will and you’ll get hordes of people reading you, following you, liking you”. – quoted from Rocky’s blog


M & M

Ya. Tajuknya M & M (Mukhriz dan Muhiddin). Sama-sama terpelanting dari UMNO. Cuma yang menariknya ialah bila terpelanting, tiba-tiba muncul banyak pencinta M & M. Banyak yang love sana, love sini. We love Mukhriz, Save kedah dan macam macam. Sama juga dengan M yang kedua tu. Bila kena pecat, tiba-tiba muncul banyak yang love, tiba-tiba jadi pejuang, jadi pemimpin yang amanah, tiba-tiba jadi orang cerdik yang dipecat utk diganti dengan orang yang bodoh, dari Malayu first, Malaysian second tiba-tiba jadi color blind.

Itulah sandiwara politik Malaysia hari ini. Kerenah ahli politik itu satu hal, kerenah orang awam kat cyberspace tu lagi haru. Kebanyakan orang yang love sana love sini, sokong sana sokong sini tak tau pun hujung pangkal. Bagus sangat kah Mukhriz? Banyak sangatkah sumbangan beliau pada Kedah? atau betulkah beliau ni duduk di Kedah? Desas desus yang bertiup kencang ialah beliaulah satu-satunya MB sebuah negeri yang tinggal di negeri lain. Betul kah? Mesyuarat exco lebih banyak buat di negeri selain dari Kedah. Betul kah?

Kita orang awam bukannya tahu pun hujung pangkal. Jadi tak payah la love sangat.


Siapakah Orang Yang Lekeh?

Apabila diumumkan berita Dato Seri Najib tidak bersalah dalam kes 2.6 billion, timbullah pelbagai komen di media sosial. Ada yang rasa lega, dan ada yang rasa tak puas hati sebab bagi mereka, kebenaran hanya apa yang berpihak pada mereka. Dalam banyak-banyak komen, tersebar satu hadith tanda kiamat sebagaimana yang kita dapat lihat dibawah ini.


Apa yang menarik dalam hadith ini ialah ia boleh digunakan keatas kedua-dua pihak, sama ada yang pro-Najib ataupun yang anti-Najib. Bagi yang pro Najib, mereka akan mengatakan Najib adalah contoh golongan yang amanah, tetapi dianggap khianat. Sekiranya kita lihat komen di media sosial, ada kebenarannya. Walaupun AG telah membebaskan Najib dari sebarang tuduhan berdasarkan bukti serta siasatan MACC, dll, komen-komen media sosial tetap menyatakan Najib bersalah.

Manakala pihak anti-Najib pula mengatakan Najib adalah contoh golongan yang khianat, tetapi dianggap amanah. Bagi mereka, Najib dianggap amanah kerana dibebaskan mahkamah, sedangkan bagi mereka Najib tetap khianat.

Dalam tulisan ini, tak perlu kita nak perdebatkan siapa yang amanah dan siapa yang khianat. Masing-masing memang dah ada pendapat sendiri. Apa yang ini diketengahkan ialah lanjutan daripada hadith tersebut. Setelah dibicara akan golongan yang amanah dianggap khianah dan yang khianat dianggap amanah, dibicarakan akan golongan Ruwaibidoh. Pada ketika itu, ramainya Ruwaibidoh yang berbicara. Jadi siapakah golongan Ruwaibidoh? Dalam hadith itu sendiri, diterangkan bahawa Ruwaibidoh adalah golongan yang lekeh (dalam terjemahan lain juga ada yang menggunakan istilah orang yang jahil) berbicara tentang urusan awam.

Siapakah orang yang lekeh (jahil) yang berbicara tentang urusan awam? Seringkali kita dengan golongan artis berbicara tentang hukum hakam agama. Begitu juga ahli politik, malah ada yang bukan Islam berbicara tentang hukum hakam agama, hudud, halal haram dll. Ia tidak sekadar melibatkan hal agama. Hal duniawi pun sama. Umpama ada ahli politik yang berbicara tentang sisa Nuklear sedangkan pakar Nukear sendiri kata tiada masalah.

Dalam kes penghakiman juga, kita lihat ramainya orang awam yang berbicara tentang urusan penghakiman. Mereka menjatuhkan hukuman bersalah pada Najib mendahului peguam negara, padahal kebanyakan yang menjatuhkan hukuman ini kertas siasatan pun tak pernah lihat. Antara peguam negara dan si pengomen laman sosial, siapakah golongan yang lekeh (jahil). Namun begitu, pengomen-pengomen ini berbicara tentang urusan awam (issue Dato Seri Najib) seolah-olah mereka ini lebih berpengetahuan dari peguam negara. Padahal, kita tak perlu jadi roket saintist untuk mengetahui yang pengomen ini adalah golongan yang lekeh (jahil).

Jadi, dalam hadith ini, siapa yang khianat, siapa yang amanah masih boleh diperdebatkan. Tetapi siapakah Ruwaibidoh dalam kes ini adalah amat jelas.

Semoga kita semua diberi petunjuk dan dilindungi Allah S.W.T.

Checklist to become Rakyat Hakim Negara

Before we start to make accusation and become the rakyat hakim negara on the 2.6 billions issue do the following checklist

Have you perused all the witness statements and the documents in the investigation papers?
AG: Yes

Have you perused response given by MACC and query MCCA for clarification in relation to the investigation paper?
AG: Yes

Have you look at the evidence from witnesses and supporting documents submitted to  by the MACC?
AG: Yes

Have you met with the donor?
AG: (Probably No), but MACC in their investigation has personally met and recorded statements from witnesses. This recorded statement should be in the MACC report to AG.

I believe 99.9% of the rakyat will have to answer NO to the checklist. So, what makes you think you have more right than the AG to pass the judgement? Unfortunately, many seem to believe that they have more right to pass the judgement. Worse, I see many who are suppose to be champion in religiosity are so eager to question the judgement. Some would even say “Allah lepaskan di dunia supaya boleh di balas di akhirat”. Wow, it seems that Allah is also not spared. Allah has to punish someone according to your whims and fancies.

This is my call to my fellow Muslim. If you believe in Allah and Rasul and the Akhirat, assess yourself before you start to assess the others. Najib has his part in the Akhirat and only Allah knows. But Najib has nothing to do with our part in the Akhirat. Before you try to become the Hakim Negara, ask yourself, do you really qualified?

A fellow of my friend said “Mahkamah dunia sudah putuskan. Benar atau tidak kita serahkan pada mahkamah akhirat kelak. Sambil tu, usah komen lebih lebih kerana bimbang tukang komen juga kena masuk mahkamah pada hari akhirat kelak”.

NFC dan Sifat Hasad Sesetengah Manusia Beragama Islam


Apabila diumumkan Pengerusi Eksekutif NFC bebas dari tuduhan pecah amanah, kita lihat muncul begitu banyak sekali komen-komen negative yang mempertikaikan keputusan tersebut.

Dalam banyak-banyak komen tu, yang dari golongan non-Muslim tu tak perlu di perkatakanlah. Kita memang sedia tahu akan sentimen mereka dan bagi mereka halal-haram bukanya mereka peduli. Lagipun mereka bukannya peduli apa yang dikatakan persaudaraan mahupun berbaik sangka sesama Muslim.


Jangan pula ada yang salah sangka bahawa kita mahu mempertahankan orang yang korup. Kalau benar berlaku korupsi, maka kitalah orang yang paling awal menentangnya. Akan tetapi dalam kebanyakan kes, korup ataupun tidak bukanlah suatu yang kita sebagai orang awam yang boleh menjatuhkan hukuman. Setiap orang perlu diberikan hak keadilan. Apatah dalam dunia informasi yang penuh dengan persepsi dan fitnah yang mana fitnah ini boleh dicipta oleh musuh politik untuk menjatuhkan lawan.

Adalah amat malang, dalam kes NFC, ramai yang terlebih menjatuhkan hukuman. Bagi mereka, hukuman ini adalah atas dasar kepuasan, bukan demi keadilan. Segala bukti mahkamah, prosedure, peraturan dan undang-undang ditolak tepi kerana hukuman bagi mereka perlu dijatuhakn menurut apa yang mereka rasa benar dan patut. Apa bila pemimpin yang mereka sayangi dijatuhkan hukuman atas hujah-hujah pendakwaraya  yang mantap, bukti-bukti kes dan kegagalan pemimpin mereka untuk mempertahankan diri di mahkamah walaupun diberi peluang tangguh dan segala pakar-pakar yang diimport, mereka tetap mengatakan pemimpin mereka ini tidak bersalah. Sedangkan dalam kes lain, apabila segala bukti-bukti serta prosedure menunjukan tiada berlaku pecah amanah, mereka tetap mengatakan orang itu bersalah, kerana orang itu dimusuhinya. Ini bukan contoh mentaliti kelas ketiga, tetapi ia adalah contoh mentaliti yang tiada kelas langsung. Umpama ungkas yang tinggal dihutan yang tiada undang-undang dan peraturan. Hanya hawa nafsu yang dijadikan panduan.

Lebih malang, saya lihat ramai yang berkata sedemikan adalah dari golongan orang Islam penyokong pembangkang, khususnya Pas dan Amanah. Ramai yang saya petik dari facebook saya yang mana mereka inilah juara dalam segala bentuk “kealiman”. Seringkali kita lihat mereka share macam macam pasal agama, doa ini, doa itu, sabda ini sabda itu, artikel penuh kecintaan mereka pada agama, pada ulama, tetapi akhirnya mereka merasa sakit hati melihat keadlian memihak pada seorang Islam yang lain.

Sama ada kita setuju ataupun tidak, sebagai seorang awam yang tidak mengetahui proses perundangan secara terperinci, kita sepatutnya bersangka baik (husnu zhan) dan memberi ruang pada mereka yang dituduh kerana berkemungkinan mereka ini benar-benar tidak bersalah. Sekurang-kurangnya, kalau tidak bersetuju pun, lebih baik diam dan mendoakan agar kebenaran akan muncul. Sebaliknya golongan ini seolah-olah merasakan diri mereka lebih tahu akan siapa yang bersalah. Dalam erti kata lain, mereka tidak mahu memberikan apa-apa ruang keadilan. Mereka ini cuma mahu melihat orang itu mati, baru hati mereka puas.

Amat malang, begitulah mentaliti ramai dari rakyat Malaysia, khususnya mereka yang kuat agama yang menyokong parti pembangkang. Tidakkah golongan yang amat suka kepada penubuhan negara Islam ini tahu bahawa terdapat hadith sahih yang mengatakan

“Tidak beriman seorang muslim itu sehingga dia mencintai saudaranya sepertimana dia mencintai buat dirinya” (Hadis Riwayat al-Bukhari)

Cuba bayangkan kalau orang yang dituduh itu adalah ayah kepada kita atapun adik, abang dan ibu kita. Tidakkah kita mahu melihat mereka ini diberikan keadilan yang sewajarnya? Jadi mengapa anda tidak menginginkan keadilan yang sewajar juga diberikan kepada ayah, ibu, adik dan abang kepada saudara Islam anda yang lain?

Tegakkanlah Islam dalam diri anda, nescaya akan tertegak negara Islam. Malangnya, golongan ini hanya pandai cakap pasal negara Islam sedangkan konsep persaudaraan Islam yang begitu mudah pun mereka tidak faham.

Sorry, Nothing Personal

I read the latest posting by TDM about Najib in great perplexity. You can read his post at http://chedet.cc/?p=1872
Although he said it is nothing personal, but when I read the opening, it sounds very much like TDM still believes that he has the prerogative right to determine who to be or not to be the PM of Malaysia.
If it is nothing personal, then why should he start his vicious and unscrupulous attack on Najib and trying to bring him down before his term is due? Why couldn’t he wait for the next general election for the rakyat to decide. It is indeed personal because he is ignoring the fact that there are close to 18 millions voters out there who have the same equal right as him to decide who is fit to be the PM.
I also personally do not believe that Azmin is fit to be MB of Selangor, but would I call for him to step down what more to start vicious attack to bring him down and then say that it is nothing personal?
Bare in mind that Najib inherits a government that is literally decapitated by the doings of the past PMs, be it yourself or Pak Lah. Racial relation is already not good since the time of Hindraf and what we have experienced today is basically the build up result of the already torn relation. The doings of past PMs have allowed DAP to gain its momentum and the Chinese of today is no longer like the Chinese of your day where they happily enjoy the cuts to shut them up. They have tasted political blood and today, all they want is the blood of UMNO, to end the dominance of UMNO and BN, for good or for bad, asalkan bukan UMNO.
Najib also lived in trying time where the world economy is not in good shape. We are no longer net exporter of petrol as your days, price of oil is low. The price of commodities are low. There are stiff competitions from new economy in the region. What is worse is that Najib inherits the problems which you have created. During your tenure, you introduced tolled highway and you keep on increasing the toll every now and then. Today, people blame high toll to Najib, whereas the high toll is nothing but all your doing. In fact, the toll has not increased since the time Najib took office. He basically has to solve the problem which you have created and you blame him for not being competent. Then come the IPP which no one will dispute that it was all your own doing and Najib again has to take the blame and trying to solve the high electricity problem paid by consumer as a result of your work. In fact, during the tenure of Najib, it was for the first time that the electric tariff has gone down. So, Najib got all the blames trying to solve the problems you created and now you call him incompetent. In fact, I would blame today high property price to your own doing. During the economic downturn, rather than letting the market force to realign the market, you introduced policy that circumvent the market force which given birth to our local speculative property market. Owning house became too easy that everyone started to buy house to resale it at inflated price to make a quick profit. Today, we are at the peak of the bubble of the speculative property market which you partly created.
Najib also lead in challenging time where the social media has dominated public perception. In your time you can squander billions in forex fraud, BMF scandal, Perwaja, MISC, PKFZ where nobody knows because you have full control of what the people read, see or listen in the media. Today, you can spend 1 million of your own hard earn money and the media (or social media) can spin in such a way that you have squander billions. Although you may say whatever you want to say about 1MDB, at least there are still responses from the authority to clear the air, correct whatever misinformation, spins or lies about it. At least all the documents and audits about 1MDB is publicly available, there are PAC to provide check and balance (although it seems like the PAC is more interested in using its authority for the members political gain). In your time no one knows anything, no response was given and all we know later was billions have been lost and worse, until today no one seems to be accountable for anything. If there is true sense of money disappear, it was all those money that was lost during your time. At least those money from 1MDB which you claimed has disappear can be accounted in 1MDB audited documents.
I think that is enough. In conclusion, although you say it is not personal, but I believe it is all personal. It is what you believe that you are the person who decide who, what and how Malaysia should be governed. It is basically boiled down to what you personally like, dislike, believe it is right or wrong. If it doesn’t fit to your personal like, you would personally trying to remove him from office. Sorry, nothing personal.