The Three Predictions – Updated

As general election closing in, we have so far encountered 3 predictions. Let us just wait and see which prediction will come close.

1. Invoke

2. The Thirdforce

3. Pro-Umno group reported by Ab Jalil Backer


When it comes to prediction, it is always worth mentioning the prediction of Daim. He has previously proven to have quite accurate prediction of GE result, like when he predicted that BN will lose 5 states in GE12 and BN will lose popular vote in GE13. For GE14, here is what he said


The veteran politician said PH will be able to retain Penang and Selangor, but could also take Perak and Kedah if the Opposition pact can fulfill certain conditions. There is also a 50:50 chance of it winning Johor and Sabah, Daim said.


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