You Get Unlike for Telling Something Obvious

Recently, a blogger by the name of JebatMustDie posted an article about the “duit derma”. After the ABC expose, he seems to be so shocked that the amount is not 2.6 billion, but 4.2 billion (according to today standard).

So, all I did is to post the following comment in his post.



“The funny thing is that someone just realized it. It has long been told.

“The donation from the Middle East was actually US$1 billion. That has already been revealed so no one is trying to hide that fact. But then the ANC kept saying it was US$700 million because they wanted that figure to match a transaction that 1MDB made. If the ANC says the figure is US$1 billion then they cannot explain how come the 1MDB transaction was only US$700 million. Where did the additional US$300 million come from?

So they kept playing up the story of the RM2.6 billion so that it comes to the equivalent of US$700 million. And Najib knew why they were saying it is US$700 million and not US$1 billion. And Najib, being the smart chess player that he is, kept quiet and did not correct them because he knew that sooner or later they would have to change their story and say it was US$1 billion. And when they do that, like how Sarawak Report just did, they would be hard-pressed to explain how the US$1 billion could come from 1MDB when you say that Najib stole US$700 million from 1MDB.”

So the expose is merely confirming 2 things.
1. The money is not from 1MDB. So guess who is lying now.
2. The 2.6 billion is a wrong figure played up to implicate Najib with 1MDB.

Well I won’t argue further. As I always say, haters will continue to hate. But if you have a grain in believing in the hereafter and believe that everyone will be judge equally by our Lord, then you just have to ask yourself, deep in your heart. What is going on.


I thought my comment is simple and straightforward enough. It doesn’t contradict the new report. It is basically confirming what the news report is all about. But guess what,


I have 0 like and 8 dislikes. What I have done wrong here, I don’t know. I guess, next time I have to join the bandwagon to criticize Najib, no matter how ridiculous or stupid the accusation is. Then I will get a lot of like, as someone told one of your prominent blogger,

“If you really want online traffic, just go out there and whack the government or Najib at will and you’ll get hordes of people reading you, following you, liking you”. – quoted from Rocky’s blog



3 thoughts on “You Get Unlike for Telling Something Obvious

  1. ikhwan

    Bro, bila nak buat ulasan pasal PAC report dengan kes Aabar-1MDB?

    Masih nak bukti lagi ke sebelum mengulas 🙂

  2. ikhwan

    No need to be “finance expert” to evaluate the PAC report. A person with average IQ would be able to understand the issue. Which part of the report that you do not understand? The part that said US 3.5b goes to Aabar BVI and ownership of Aabar BVI cannot be ascertain. And the part that shows USD 700 million that went to Good Star that has got nothing to do with Petro Saudi Venture and without consent of the BOD? The reckless spending of billions and the absolutely absurd mismanagement?

    Honestly sir, I like your writing and I can see and agree with your logic in most of your writing especially against The anti hadis – SOTB. However with regard to the 1MDB issue i felt that you have lost your common sense.

    If this happen to any other company (that is not connected to Najib) the persons involve would have long been charged and standing in the court for trial. You would have seen that the proof is beyond reasonable doubt at the very least to start the court process. Unfortunately because Najib is implicated in this case, it has cloud the sensible judgement from some of us.


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