Checklist to become Rakyat Hakim Negara

Before we start to make accusation and become the rakyat hakim negara on the 2.6 billions issue do the following checklist

Have you perused all the witness statements and the documents in the investigation papers?
AG: Yes

Have you perused response given by MACC and query MCCA for clarification in relation to the investigation paper?
AG: Yes

Have you look at the evidence from witnesses and supporting documents submitted to  by the MACC?
AG: Yes

Have you met with the donor?
AG: (Probably No), but MACC in their investigation has personally met and recorded statements from witnesses. This recorded statement should be in the MACC report to AG.

I believe 99.9% of the rakyat will have to answer NO to the checklist. So, what makes you think you have more right than the AG to pass the judgement? Unfortunately, many seem to believe that they have more right to pass the judgement. Worse, I see many who are suppose to be champion in religiosity are so eager to question the judgement. Some would even say “Allah lepaskan di dunia supaya boleh di balas di akhirat”. Wow, it seems that Allah is also not spared. Allah has to punish someone according to your whims and fancies.

This is my call to my fellow Muslim. If you believe in Allah and Rasul and the Akhirat, assess yourself before you start to assess the others. Najib has his part in the Akhirat and only Allah knows. But Najib has nothing to do with our part in the Akhirat. Before you try to become the Hakim Negara, ask yourself, do you really qualified?

A fellow of my friend said “Mahkamah dunia sudah putuskan. Benar atau tidak kita serahkan pada mahkamah akhirat kelak. Sambil tu, usah komen lebih lebih kerana bimbang tukang komen juga kena masuk mahkamah pada hari akhirat kelak”.


One thought on “Checklist to become Rakyat Hakim Negara

  1. ikhwan

    If that is the case then let us make the MACC/SPRM investigation paper freely available to public and let us see whether the public would still agree to the AG “no action”

    Then the public can say yes to all your questions above and no more ambiguity.

    Oh by the way what is exactly MACC recommended action to AG for Najib?

    Who said Najib has no part in our Akhirah? If we keep quiet about his misdeed and infact endorse it even more then it will be part of our Akhirah. I believe we will be questioned about this in our Akhirah. Wallahualam.

    I also beg to differ when you say that “mahkamah dunia” has declare him not guilty. No it is not even “Mahkamah Dunia” it is actually just the AG!

    Najib has the chance to let this fitnah cool down. He can step down temporarily, and let the court decide (Not AG who is chosen by him decide) whether he is guilty or not.

    I do agree that the public should cautious themselves from saying that Najib is guilty before seeing and scrutinizing the evidences. Unfortunately they haven’t been given the chances to do so. All evidences that we can see that is freely available in public is that billions has been lost through 1MDB/SRC etc and somehow billions has appeared in Najib personal account. What a coincidences!!!!

    Me and you, we will definitely be questioned in Akhirah about our writing.

    So be careful.


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