Moderate Definition : A note from the Clueless to the Clueless

Finally the so call moderate has come out to define the term moderate. But unfortunately she got everything wrong. There are plenty of other words that better describe the characteristics she listed but simply throwing the word moderate to ascribe to anything that she regards as positive is a sign of the desperation and ignorance probably.

Marina said “For one thing, a true moderate respects another person’s point of view even when those views are patently abhorrent. For a moderate, freedom of speech and expression is a very important value.”

The right word is tolerate and patient. On the contrary, what she said is not a moderate, but a rather a trait of an extremely tolerant person. Would you respect another person’s point of view if his point of view is that your mother is a w**** and you are a son of a b******? What about opinion based on lies, spin or wild allegation such as your family earns a living through illegal means or you sell your family as prostitute to enjoy luxurious living? Or just because you are a royalty, you must be stealing from the people? Or just because you are a Malay you must be lazy? Or worse, just because someone hold top position in a country he must be corrupt?

Marina said: “Secondly, the non-moderate believes that there needs to be a law for everything.”

Tell us in what way we have law for everything? The actual problem with people like Marina is that when the law is not on her side, she blames the people who supported the law as being intolerant (or non-moderate per se). If she does not believe that some acts should be criminalized, fine. But there are other people who believe that they should. We are not here to discuss whose opinion is right or wrong, but if she goes around preaching that moderate should tolerate and respect others point of view, she should start by respecting the opinion of others whose views differ from hers.

Marina said: Moderates tend to speak in a careful way. Every word is considered well before spoken or written and tends not to be overblown or exaggerated because that would be immodest and therefore immoderate.

I can find many words to describe that, but none has the synonym to moderate. There are words like courteous, cultured, civilized, wise, erudite, sensible, clever, astute and many more, but I just can’t find any one of them has synonym to moderate.

Marina said: It might be fair to say that maturity is also a hallmark of the moderate person. The moderate person knows that you don’t need to comment about every single thing just because you cannot be an expert in everything. You especially cannot spend all your time making police reports about everything other people say and do, not least because this may give the impression that you have plenty of time on your hands and have no need to earn a living like other people.

So, are you saying that those who made police report against Ismail Sabri and ISMA are extremist. How about Lim Guan Eng and Lim Kit Siang who sue those who disagree with him? What you and your like who always comment on religious issues as though you are the expert? Are you the expert in religion or are you expert in everything? What about those non-Muslim who commented about Muslims’ religious affairs? Are they the expert or are they having plenty of time and no need to earn a living like other people? So Marina, why don’t you go and advise them and tell them to be your so call moderate or least to tell them not to waste tax payers’ money?

All I can say is Marina is simply a clueless woman. She called others to be moderate without realizing that she is the one who possesses all the characteristics of what she defined to be not moderate. Moderate is just her misused term to drawn people into subscribing to her views and also to deny others from having the views of their own. Well, we all want people to subscribe to our view. But then it is uncalled to brand others as not moderate simply because their views differ than ours. Isn’t branding others who disagree with us as an act of extremist? Moderate is also a misused term for her to deny the laws which she deemed unfit according to her view. It is also an excuse for her to allow her band of “extremist” the freedom to carry out their act of insulting the culture and religious values that she deemed unimportant but is dear to other. So Marina, you are just a clueless person who tries to educate clueless people. The more you write, the more we can see how desperate you are trying to make yourself look righteous.

Lastly, as a “moderate” person, I hope you can “tolerate” my view.

For the definition of moderate, you can read my previous posting. As I claim I am moderate as well, I will not force you to subscribe to my view. But let see who is more sensible.


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