What Can We Learn from the Liberal about Hudud

I came across this article published by the Malaysian Insider. The title is An unethical proposal on hudud by Dr. Farouk Musa of IRF (Islamic Renaissance Front). This is what we can learn from the article.

  1. When Islam collides with the universal guiding principle (man made), we throw away Islam and adopt the universal guiding principle (man made).
  2. When the implementation of hudud (Islamic law) is against medical oath (man made), we throw away hudud and uphold the medical oath.
  3. Muslim doctors who carry out the duty on amputation for hudud have lost their integrity in upholding their medical ethics. In other word, as a medical doctor, your knowledge and expertise cannot be used to benefit Islam for the purpose of implementing Islamic law because doing so, you have lost your integrity.
  4. Medical ethics supersede Allah’s law.
  5. Geneva Convention and Declaration of Geneva is above Allah’s law. You can go against Allah’s law, but never should you go against the Geneva Convention and Declaration of Geneva.
  6. Your medical oath is more superior to your oath to Allah (la illah ha ilallah).
  7. When you use your medical profession for the benefit of Islam (in the case of implementing hudud), you have brought medical profession into disrepute.
  8. Medical profession is the noblest profession on earth. It is even more noble that Islam.
  9. Hudud law is simply heinous, callous and nefarious (check your dictionary for the meaning).
  10. it is morally wrong to consider giving your expertise for the implementation of Islamic law as a religious duty.
  11. Religious duties only involve observing prayer, fasting, giving alms and performing haj. That’s all.
  12. If you are worry of wrongfully convicting a person, you should just abolish the law.
  13. My personal conclusion from reading the article is that in the name of medical ethics, in the case where thief is convicted, it is better to let butcher chop of hand ala samurai than to have a proper medical professional to carry out the task.



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