What is in the Banning of Noah?

The recent banning of the movie Noah in Muslim countries has caused uproar among the many of the liberals among the Muslim. They are seeing this as an authoritarian effort to subjugate the mind of Muslim in response to the vast open flow of information from the west.

One of this responses can be found at Why Muslims should be able to see ‘Noah’ by Mustafa Akyol. He was one of the invited speaker by one of the NGO, renown for their propagation of liberal ideology.

Too bad, these people is only good at putting up big words to project the openness in their liberal thinking. Come to think critically, zilch. They are quick to jump into conclusion to assume that the authority is trying to keep Muslims at blind to the open world.

Now the question is that is is wrong to ban the movie and does banning equate to subjugating or closing the mind of Muslims to make them uninformed about the outside world as claimed by the writer?

Well, human have been banning all kind of things. Some countries ban products that use animal for testing. It is not because the product is not good. In fact the product may be better because it is tested on animal, which is the next closest living thing to human. But we ban it because we disagree with how they produce the product by exploiting helpless animals. We disagree with how the produce their product, so we do not allow them to make profit in our soil because we disagree with how they produce the product, not because their product is not good.

So come to Noah, why do we ban it? In the Internet age, do you think we can stop people from watching it? Obviously no. But we ban it because we disagree with how the producer exploiting a prophetic figure for commercial gain. What more when the prophetic figure is being portray in such an inaccurate manner in order to suit their commercial theme.

So we ban it not because we do not want people to know about it. But we ban it because we do not want someone to wrongly exploiting a prophetic figure for their commercial gain. By banning the movie, it will not show in our cinema. So they can’t rake profit from us because we disagree with people who sell lie to make money. Just as much as we do not use products that use animal as testing because we disagree on how the exploit animal for their commercial gain. Isn’t that simple?



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