2nd Class Citizen Who Live in a Mansion

I got these pictures from social network sources. It is mentioned that the mansion is located in Miri Sarawak. So I thought it would be another story about cronies, BN, UMNO, Taib Mahmud yada yada yada….


Wait a minute. When we check out the comments

image2 image3

Apparently it seems like the owner is someone of some decedent (you know it) who is supposed to be the 2nd class citizen. The irony is that the so called 2nd class citizen is living in mansion that could only be envied by the “first class citizen”. There is no mention of corruption, crony, yada yada yada….. But all we can see is “Bukti daripada usaha gigih…”

Imagine if a first class citizen stay in this kind of mansion. It would be a lot of yada yada going on about corruption, crony, BN, UMNO.

Only in Malaysia where the life of 2nd class citizen becomes the envy of the 1st.


3 thoughts on “2nd Class Citizen Who Live in a Mansion

  1. VGUY69

    Class of citizen does not depends on race. It depends on which party you affiliate with. So there are also second class Malay who supported PR. And the one living in the mansion, how do you know he is second class? He could be the upper first class.

  2. grandmarquis Post author

    Well, I am simply reiterating what the Chinese said for themselves, like this one http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/245643

    So I am just wondering, if they are really 2nd class citizen in this country, how can a 2nd class citizen live in a mansion that is the envy of the supposed 1st class citizen?

  3. VGUY69

    If living in mansion is the only criteria to classify whether it is first class or second class citizen, then I would agree with you. But this criteria is too narrow. To me those with power are first class and those without power are second class, this is applicable not just in Malaysia, but anywhere in the world. Lots of Chinese in China are treated as second class citizen without protection of law, they are powerless. In Malaysia, at least we still uphold rule of law.


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