So Who is Stupid, Mujahid?

First, see what Mujahid said

Now here is the news report

‘Jangan guna kalimah ALLAH ganti God’

KOTA BHARU – Masyarakat bukan Islam di negara ini tidak boleh sesekali menggunakan kalimah ALLAH sebagai menggantikan perkataan God sebagaimana yang terdapat dalam kitab mereka khususnya Bible, tegas Mursyidul Am Pas, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat…..


The best thing is that today, suddenly you see many of the PAS supporters openly declared that they are against the use of kalimah Allah by the Christians. Suddenly they are the champion and some even accused UMNO for failing to handle the issue.

What we have seen here is the deep expression of many of the PAS supporters. But they kept numb because their top leaders like Nik Aziz have been numb for quite sometime, although it is a known fact that the syura has already made their stand.

But their leaders like Mujahid and Khalid Samad are going around the town against the stand of the syura and Nik Aziz. So are they going to put a slap on the face of people like Mujahid and Khalid Samad.

Don’t forget there will be a foolish debate between Khalid Samad and Noh Omar on this Monday on the issue of Kalimah Allah. The evangelist must be happy to see the Muslim doing work for them.

Best of all, who is stupid? Does it imply to Nik Aziz as well or there is a double standard?


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