Hypocrisy of Syed Akhbar Ali

I am referring to the blog post by Syed Akhbar Ali at http://syedsoutsidethebox.blogspot.com/2014/01/powerful-tribal-religion-vs-thinking.html

The title is Powerful Tribal Religion vs Thinking. Without further ado in his usual style, he went and whack the host of the program Mehdi Hasan. Among his words are

the host Mehdi Hassan does speak like a Taliban mullah. Even at Oxford the “Club of Doomers” just cannot be normal.

There is so much that Mehdi Hasan takes for granted without thinking

So we can presumably conclude that Mehdi represents the “Tribal Religion” and Irshad Manji represents the “Thinking”. You can view the video a the end of this post.

It is not my point to debate about the video. But what I want to show you is the hypocrisy of this Syed Akhbar Ali who often portray himself as a morally high, intelligent, most advance in thinking person that his school of management supersede the so called Proton School of Management he likes to call upon.

Now here is the interesting part. This is what he said

This type of discussion cannot take place in any Arab or wannabe Arab country – especially countries like Malaysia. This type of dialogue can only take place in societies that uphold real “Islamic values” like thinking and intelligent discussion. In other words the negara maju lah.

This debate took place at the Oxford Union in the UK. Unfortunately even in the UK, the host Mehdi Hassan does speak like a Taliban mullah. Even at Oxford the “Club of Doomers” just cannot be normal.

Wow! I am amaze by the level of openness. Such a person who can utter these words must hold high the moral value of open debate and free speech. Wait a minute.

I responded to his blog post. Below is my comment in his blog post:

I looked into the video for the first 20 minutes and all I can say is that there is nothing being intellectual about this Irshad Manji. She is just an emotional “pretty lady”. Many of her points are based on what she felt rather facts. Her logic and assumptions are also skewed because it is based on her own assumptions, shallow interpretation and a lot of rash generalization. Look at min 16 how she has been put flat by Mehdi on her shallow argument about scholars and interpretation of Islam. The audience even clap which clearly show that he as made a right point.

So it depends on which side you come from. If you go to Malaysia Insider and read the news about DAP bringing ROS to court, you can still see many red beans harping that UMNO is using ROS, ROS is serving UMNO to kill DAP and all the bla bla bla despite clear evidences and clear facts are present. So if your line of thought is like Irshad you will tend to settle like the red bean.

But frankly, argumentatively, Mehdi way supersede Irshad, see min 18min on his sharp argument.

Note: I posted as an anonymous least if he see they grandmarquis name which I use in all my blog comments to be deleted outright

But then, no where you can find my comment appear in his comments list. When I wrote my comment, there were 2 responses. When I wrote this blog post, there were 13 responses. By the order of approval, my response should appear anywhere in between the 3rd to the 13th response. But no where you can find it. All you can see are the responses that echo his line of thought, exactly like how those Red Bean is echoing all the actions of DAP no matter it is right or wrong (the ROS case is a good example).

Well, some may argue that it is his blog and he deserves to do what he likes. But then not for a person who portrays himself as the moral high ground for openness to the point he belittled others as not being open enough for open debate whereas he himself is not even transparent enough to let simple contradicting views to appear in his blog post.

This is and example of hypocrisy at the highest order and it is simply too much to swallow.

If you want to view the video, here it is. You can judge yourself. The first 20 minutes is suffice to tell everything. From an eloquent, vocal, confident lady to a stammer right at minute 18.

p.s. If Syed Akhbar Ali saw this blog post, he might go back and release my post. So be prepared.


One thought on “Hypocrisy of Syed Akhbar Ali

  1. mdsabu

    Fully agree. I had done the same countless time. My comments never seen light of the day in his blog. he did release a few where he responded but counter response was muted. Some more factual response were completely gone and never published.


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